Haskell from the Very Beginning

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In Haskell from the Very Beginning John Whitington takes a no-prerequisites approach to teaching the basics of a modern general-purpose programming language. Each small, self-contained chapter introduces a new topic, building until the reader can write quite substantial programs. There are plenty of questions and, crucially, worked answers and hints.

Haskell from the Very Beginning will appeal both to new programmers, and to experienced programmers eager to explore functional languages such as Haskell. It is suitable both for formal use within an undergraduate or graduate curriculum, and for the interested amateur.


  • Getting Ready
  • Starting Off
  • Names and Functions
  • Using Scripts
  • Case by Case
  • Making Lists
  • Two Ways of Thinking
  • Sorting Things
  • Functions upon Functions upon Functions
  • When Things Go Wrong
  • Looking Things Up
  • More with Functions
  • New Kinds of Data
  • Growing Trees
  • The Other Numbers
  • Being Lazy
  • In and Out
  • Building Bigger Programs
  • The Standard Prelude and Base
  • Answers to Questions
  • Hints for Questions
  • Coping with Errors
  • Index
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