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As part of our effort to provide an affordable and successful training curriculum, we give on-site classroom instruction for groups of 3 or more students. Based on our experience, we have found that students are more receptive to learn in a familiar setting than an unfamiliar one.


We have successfully conducted online instructor led training for several years. Whether these classes are led using your web-conferencing software or ours, the benefits of this type of training are tremendous: no travel costs, large student attendance, minimal hardware/software configurations and increased productivity.


Due to an extensive catalog of course offerings, we are only able to deliver a handful of these courses on a public basis. Review our Public Training Calendar for a list of our current public course offerings.

Consulting and Mentoring Designing, Developing and Teaching Enterprise Systems

Developing Leaders
We teach leadership to information technology professionals
Enterprise Technologies
Whatever your needs, we build the stack.
Business Rule Experts
When 1000's of business rules are the norm.

The Hartmann Software Group is a leading solutions-based information technology provider for companies of all sizes that provides its clients with high-end software design, development, implementation and procurement services.

The objective of HSG is to offer technical know-how to successfully develop sophisticated software systems, integrate desperate applications, establish software development methodologies between IT and business departments, isolate business functionality/business rules and accelerate time to market deliverables, configure computer banks/cloud systems to handle extreme input loads, utilize and maintain a variety of Database Management Systems and to offer, develop and procure expertise in a number and varied grouping of software languages.

What sets HSG apart from other companies is talent, insight and expertise. From many years of helping large to mid-size organizations grow their knowledge base and build their IT infrastructure, from having been instrumental in designing and developing a variety software applications and from having been a resource to many of IT professionals, it is safe to say that we at the Hartmann Software Group teach AND develop what we know ... Software!

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Technology has continued to evolve in ways that few would have been able to imagine. This has allowed electronics to become smarter, more connected and far more useful. With the Internet of Things (IoT), they're allowing more than just computers to become connected to the Internet. This aims to make the life of the average person easier, better and more care-free. ...
I’ll get straight to the point.  Why should companies invest more in management training?  Here are 10 simple reasons. 1) An employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement. 2) Engaged employees are happier and more productive.  Disengaged employees are ...
It is said that spoken languages shape thoughts by their inclusion and exclusion of concepts, and by structuring them in different ways. Similarly, programming languages shape solutions by making some tasks easier and others less aesthetic. Using F# instead of C# reshapes software projects in ways that prefer certain development styles and outcomes, changing what is possible and how it is ...
In programming, memory leaks are a common issue, and it occurs when a computer uses memory but does not give it back to the operating system. Experienced programmers have the ability to diagnose a leak based on the symptoms. Some believe every undesired increase in memory usage is a memory leak, but this is not an accurate ...

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We are often asked by students to recommend training resources. As such, we have decided to expand our business to include an Online Information Technology Book Store. On special request, we can try to have the authors of the book teach an onsite class.

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