Shaping Light for Video in the Age of LEDs: A Practical Guide to the Art, Craft, and Business of Lighting

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Shaping Light is a practical, hands-on guide to lighting for video. Using a Dummies-style approach, the book explains lighting techniques through real-world examples, including recent updates on the groundbreaking use of LED lighting and wireless control options. This book focuses on firsthand application of technical knowledge, to appeal to cinematography students and video freelancers. Beginning with simple lighting setups and progressing to more complicated scenarios, the book holds the reader's attention with illustrative anecdotes, and links theory to real-world applications.
The book covers
- Basic three-point lighting 

- Lighting moving actors 

- Set lighting and exposure 

- Instrument selection including the many LEDs 

- Bringing style to your lighting 

- Color temperature and the Kelvin scale 

- Exterior lighting: day and night 

- Lighting categories and genres - what to expect 

- Green-screen techniques 

- Money and budgeting 

- Electricity and electrical distribution 

- What does a grip do? 

- Case studies, with photos and diagrams 

- Career paths 

- Extensive glossary 

Aarhus Publishing