MS Access 2016 SQL Comprehensive

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4This book is primarily intended for a training/educational environment in a College, University, or technical school. The goal is to start from point zero in Access 2016 SQL and arrive at the level of a skilled professional. To that purpose it contains 319 exercises in 31 chapters which the student can complete during class time. It also contains ten questions after each chapter which the instructor can use for in class discussions or test generation. There are 320 case questions in total in the book. Finally, it contains sixty case studies, two at the end of each chapter, for additional work as homework or for sharpening the skills learned through each chapter.The book is the result of the author's twenty-one years of teaching at the University level and twenty-five years of practice on databases. After hundreds of labs and thousands of questions and comments from the students, Pindaro wrote this book to assist the students in becoming SQL experts. Currently, no matter the position, industry, or job function, it looks like everyone is asking for SQL skills.For the instructor, Pindaro tried to make this book as friendly as possible. First, he personally tested the book in class to see how the labs work in the real training environment. Second, he has provided a multitude of case studies and questions on real business scenarios so that the students can appreciate the power of SQL for work and business. Third, he has prepared a separate booklet the instructor can receive as a word or pdf file (upon confirmation of instructor status) that includes the solutions to the case studies and provides hints for the code proposed. The goal is to learn how to use databases for real business tasks. The author has worked on hundreds of business databases and operational systems for the last twenty-five years. Pindaro's exciting relationship with databases started with DBase III back in 1991, continuing with all versions of Access since early 1993, and working with MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and IBM DB2 for a number of years. He is still in love with all of them. After more than twenty-five years, he still works with data, business analytics, data integration, and visualization.