TI MSP432 ARM Programming for Embedded Systems

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5Why MSP432? The MSP430 is a popular microcontroller designed and marketed by the Texas Instruments (TI). It comes with some powerful peripherals such as ADC, Timer, SPI, I2C, UART, and so on. It has a 16-bit proprietary RISC architecture meaning only TI makes the products. Due to popularity of ARM architecture, many semiconductor design companies are moving away from proprietary architecture and adopting the ARM as the CPU of choice in all their designs. This is the case with MSP430. The MSP432 is an ARM version of the MSP430. In other words, all the MSP430 peripherals are moved to MSP432 with ARM instructions and architecture as the core processor. Another major feature of the MSP432 is its lower power consumption which makes it an ideal microcontroller for use in designing low power devices with IoT. See the link below: http: //www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontrollers_16-bit_32-bit/msp/low_power_performance/msp432p4x/overview.page Why this book? While there are several MSP430 textbooks on the market, currently there is only one textbook for MSP432. This textbook covers the details of the MSP432 peripherals such as ADC, Timer, SPI, I2C and so on with ARM programs. It also includes the programs for interfacing of MSP432 to LCD, Serial COM port, DC motor, stepper motor, sensors, and graphics LCD. All the programs in the book are tested using the MSP432 LaunchPad trainer board from TI. See the link below: http: //www.ti.com/tool/MSP-EXP432P401R#buy