Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 & A30 User Guide: A Beginner to Expert Guide With Tips and Tricks to Master your New Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, & A30 Make it 10

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1Congratulations on the purchase of your new Samsung Galaxy A10, A20 and A30: A fine phone, and one that's likely to serve you well.
if you have recently purchased the Galaxy A10, A20, & A30 then check out our detailed tips and tricks guide to help you get the most out of your device.
You don't want to miss out on anything, though, so start exploring your new device right now with our Galaxy A Series guide.
We've got tips and tricks galore, including.
The tips and tricks in this guide will help you get the best experience using your Galaxy A10, A20, & A30 whilst also help in discovering hidden features of the handsets.
Here are some of the things you are going to learn:

-Correct card installation
-Customizing SIM or USIM Cards
-Formatting the Memory Card
-Using Emergency Mode
-Registering New Samsung Account
-Registering an Existing Samsung Account
-How to Remove Your Samsung Account
-Transferring Data from Your Previous Device (Smart Switch)
-Transferring Data Wirelessly Via Wi-Fi Direct
-Transferring Data Using External Storage
-Transferring Backup Data from a Computer
-Understanding the Screen
-How to Effectively Use the Home Screen and Apps Screen
-Switching between Home and Apps screens
-How to Display the Screen in Landscape Mode
-Editing the Home Screen
-How to Use the Navigation Bar (Soft Buttons)
-Changing the Screen Lock Method
-How to Hide the Navigation Bar
-Tips and Precautions for Charging Battery
And much more
Get this guide now, and learn all of the above and more in this book, which features screenshots straight from the Galaxy A10, A20, & A30 and step-by-step instructions on the processes involved in unleashing more powerful features of the smartphone This is a must-have book to get for any Galaxy A10 and A20 users who want to take their device to the next level and get more out of their Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, & A30

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