Coding by Doing: For Absolute Beginners - 2 Books in One - Learn SQL and Python Programming: Learn Programming Fast

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4Coding by DoingFor Absolute Beginners - 2 Books in One - Learn SQL and Python ProgrammingLearn Programming FastIn this book bundle, you'll learn the basics, techniques and best practices for SQL and Python programmingSQL Programming - A Beginners GuideFor beginners, learning SQL is like learning how to speak a foreign language. You have to learn the alphabets first before you can successfully use it. Knowing the definition and purposes of SQL is crucial, before you, as a beginner can make any significant progress.Looking at those symbols and queries may seem scary and confusing, but do not worry, the technical jargon is explained in the simplest manner to facilitate your comprehension.This book will serve as an essential guide for you, as a SQL beginner. In addition, the concepts of SQL are laid out in a simple, concise language and instructions to help you learn the steps properly. Specific examples and sample tables are showcased to help you practice most of the SQL queries.Python Programming - A Beginner's GuidePython is a powerful programming language. You can use it for free in developing software that can run on Nokia mobile phones, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, JAVA, Amiga, and many more operating systems.Python is object-oriented and provides simple and easy to read and use language that you can utilize in creating your programs.1.Learn Python easily because the syntax or language in programming is simple.2.Prepare codes readily that can be used in various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac OS X. 3.Promptly access the Python standard library that helps users in creating, editing, accessing, running and maintaining files.4.Integrate programs and systems promptly because the programming language is easy to follow.5.Handle the errors more reliably because the syntax is capable of identifying and raising exceptions.6.Learn more quickly because the programming language is object-oriented.7.Access IDLE, which makes it possible for users to create codes and check if the codes work, through Python's interactive system.8.Download Python for free, and enjoy all the benefits of a free application.9.Embed your Python data in other systems.10.Stop worrying about freeing the memory for your codes, because Python does it automatically.Get your copy today
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