Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A Step-By-Step Guide to Coding Your First Game

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8Content and structure of this book
In this book, the second book in the series, you will become comfortable with C# programming and Unity by creating three games: one 3D survival game, a word-guessing game, and an infinite Runner. The book includes:
  • A list of the learning objectives at the start of each chapter.
  • Step-by-step activities.
  • Opportunities to engage in deeper learning and problem-solving skills through challenges at the end of each chapter.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Full project and code solutions (in C#) for each chapter.
  • Cheat-sheets (i.e., shortcuts, best practice, etc.) that you can download.
The content of each chapter is as follows:
  • Chapter 1 gives an introduction to C# and to core principles that will help you to get started with coding. You will learn key programming concepts such as variables, variable types, or functions.
  • Chapter 2 helps you to code your first script. You will learn how to code following best coding practices, debug your code, and also avoid common errors.
  • Chapter 3 gets you to improve your scripting skills, enhance your game and add more interaction. You will learn to implement a scoring system, to detect collisions, and to load new levels.
  • Chapter 4 explains how you can create and update a user interface for your game (e.g., displaying images and messages onscreen) using scripting.
  • Chapter 5 explains how you can polish-up your game. You will add a splash-screen, a simple inventory system, sound effects, as well as a mini-map.
  • Chapter 6 explains how to add Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with Artificial Intelligence (AI). You will configure each NPC and get them to either follow the player or walk along a simple path of your choice, and also detect collision between the NPCs and the player.
  • Chapter 7 explains how to create a word-guessing using Unity's 2D features. You will use arrays, and read files to create a list from which a random word will be picked and that the user will have to guess. You will also learn to detect and process the user's key entries.
  • Chapter 8 will show you how to create an entertaining 2D infinite runner where the player can control a character that needs to jump over randomly generated obstacles.
  • Chapter 9 provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (e.g., scripting, audio, AI, or user interface).
If you want to start coding in C# and craete your own game with Unity using a tried-and-tested method: download this book now
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