Autodesk 3ds Max 2020: A Detailed Guide to Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering, 2nd Edition

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The Autodesk 3ds Max 2020: A Detailed Guide to Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering book is perfect for both beginners and intermediate users of 3ds Max and for those moving from other software to 3ds Max. This brilliant guide takes you step-by-step through the whole process of modeling, texturing, UV mapping, lighting, and rendering. You will learn important concepts and techniques about 3ds Max which you can utilize to create your 3ds Max projects. This book also cover the Arnold renderer.

Using a structured and pragmatic approach, this guide begins with basics of modeling, then builds on this knowledge using practical examples to enhance your modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering skills. Each unit builds on the knowledge gained in the previous unit, showing you all the essentials of 3ds Max 2020. As you go from hands-on exercise to hands-on exercise, you'll develop a strong arsenal of skills that combined will form a complete end to end process to create high quality renders using 3ds Max 2020.

Key Features
  • Covers 3ds Max's updated user interface, navigation, tools, functions, and commands.
  • Explains the polygon, subdivision, and spline modeling techniques.
  • Covers all modifiers.
  • Covers Standard materials and lights.
  • Covers UV mapping techniques.
  • Covers Arnold lights, shaders, and rendering techniques.
  • Detailed coverage of tools and features.
  • Features 75 hands-on exercises - complete with before and after files.
  • Features practice activities to test the knowledge gained.
  • Additional guidance is provided in the form of tips, notes, and cautions.
  • Important terms are in bold face so that you never miss them.
  • The content under "What just happened?" heading explains the working of the instructions.
  • The content under "What next?" heading tells you about the procedure you will follow after completing a step(s).
  • Includes an ePub file that contains the color images of the screenshots/illustrations used in the textbook. These color images will help you in the learning process. This ePub file is included with the resources.
  • Tech support from the author.
  • Access to each exercise's initial and final states along with the resources used in hands-on exercises.
  • Quiz to assess the knowledge.
  • Bonus hands-on exercises.
Brief Table of Contents

This book is divided into following units:

  • Unit DM1: Introduction to 3ds Max -I
  • Unit DM2: Introduction to 3ds Max -II
  • Unit DM3: Geometric Primitives and Architectural Objects
  • Unit DM4: Polygon Modeling
  • Unit DM5: Graphite Modeling Tools
  • Unit DM6: Spline Modeling
  • Unit DM7: Modifiers
  • Unit DMB: Bonus Hands-on Exercises Modeling]
  • Unit DMP: Practice Activities
  • Unit DT1: Material Editors
  • Unit DT2: Standard Materials and Maps
  • Unit DT3: Physical and Autodesk Materials
  • Unit DTB: Bonus Hands-on Exercises Texturing]
  • Unit DL1: Standard Lighting
  • Unit DL2: Photometric Lights
  • Unit DL3: Sunlight and Daylight Systems
  • Unit DA1: Introduction to Arnold
  • Unit DA2: Arnold Lights
  • Unit DA3: Arnold Shaders and Materials
  • Unit DAP: Practice Activities Arnold]
  • Appendix DMA: Quiz Answers Modeling]
  • Appendix DTA: Quiz Answers Texturing], contains quiz answers.
  • Appendix DLA: Quiz Answers Lighting], contains quiz answers.
  • Appendix DAA: Quiz Answers Arnold], contains quiz answers.

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