Learning Modern Linux: A Handbook for the Cloud Native Practitioner

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If you use Linux in development or operations and need a structured approach to help you dive deeper, this book is for you. Author Michael Hausenblas also provides tips and tricks for improving your workflow with this open source operating system. Whether you're a developer, software architect, or site reliability engineer, this hands-on guide focuses on ways to use Linux for your everyday needs, from development to office-related tasks.

Along the way, you'll gain hands-on experience with modern Linux terminals and shells, and learn how to manage your workloads. You'll understand how to run Linux applications by using containers, systemd, modern filesystems, and immutable distros such as Flatcar and Bottlerocket.

  • Use Linux as a modern work environment, rather than just from an admin perspective
  • Learn critical components such as the Linux kernel, terminal multiplexer, human-friendly shells, and portable shell scripting
  • Become familiar with access control, from file permissions to capabilities, and understand the role of filesystems as a fundamental building block
  • Learn about application dependency management and containers
  • Gain hands-on experience with the Linux networking stack and tooling, including DNS
  • Apply modern operating system observability to manage your workloads
  • Become familiar with interprocess communication, virtual machines, and selected security topics
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