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The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-Based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education

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Praise for "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction"

"Kapp argues convincingly that gamification is not just about adding points, levels and badges to an eLearning program, but about fundamentally rethinking learning design. He has put together a brilliant primer for learning professionals on how to gamify learning, packed with useful advice and examples." --ANDERS GRONSTEDT, president, Gronstedt Group

"After reading this book, you'll never be able to design boring learning again." --CONNIE MALAMED, author, "Visual Language For Designers;" author/creator of The eLearning Coach Blog

"Engaging, informative and complete; if you need to understand anything about instructional game design, this is the book you need. It provides the right amount of academic evidence, practical advice and insightful design tips to have you creating impactful learning in no time." --SHERRY ENGEL, associate director learning technology, Penn Medicine Center for Innovation and Learning

"What Karl Kapp has done with this book is looked at games and learning from every possible angle....he provocatively asks questions that the learning community needs to answer, like 'Do our design processes still work?' and 'Are we really meeting the needs of today's learners?' This book may make you anxious, make you laugh, or make you angry. But one thing it will definitely do is make you "think."" --RICH MESCH, experiential learning guru, Performance Development Group

Author: Kapp, Karl M.
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