Practical Go: Building Scalable Network and Non-Network Applications

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Google announced the Go programming language to the public in 2009, with the version 1.0 release announced in 2012. Since its announcement to the community, and the compatibility promise of the 1.0 release, the Go language has been used to write scalable and high-impact software programs ranging from command-line applications and critical infrastructure tools to large-scale distributed systems. It's speed, simplicity, and reliability make it a perfect choice for developers working in various domains.

In Practical Go - Building Scalable Network + Non-Network Applications, you will learn to use the Go programming language to build robust, production-ready software applications. You will learn just enough to building command line tools and applications communicating over HTTP and gRPC.

This practical guide will cover:

  • Writing command line applications
  • Writing a HTTP services and clients
  • Writing RPC services and clients using gRPC
  • Writing middleware for network clients and servers
  • Storing data in cloud object stores and SQL databases
  • Testing your applications using idiomatic techniques
  • Adding observability to your applications
  • Managing configuration data from your applications

You will learn to implement best practices using hands-on examples written with modern practices in mind. With its focus on using the standard library packages as far as possible, Practical Go will give you a solid foundation for developing large applications using Go leveraging the best of the language's ecosystem.