Apple Watch for Dummies

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Stop looking at your phone--and start looking at your Apple Watch

Much more than a time-telling device, the Apple Watch is your very own wrist-sized computer. And Apple Watch For Dummies is the most trusted guide for new and upgrading users. Learn how to check your email, make a phone call, look at tomorrow's weather forecast, and track your calorie burn, all right on your wrist. Dummies helps you navigate the interface, use helpful Siri shortcuts, make wireless payments, and more. This 2023 Edition is fully updated for the latest version of the Apple Watch and watchOS.

  • Learn how to connect your Apple Watch to your phone and start receiving messages
  • Check the weather, track your fitness, and use apps on your Watch
  • Make payments wirelessly by tapping your Watch at points-of-sale
  • Discover all the features of the newest Apple Watch models

This is the perfect Dummies guide for first-time Apple Watch users, as well as people who are upgrading their Apple Watch and need a reference on the latest features.

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