Metaverse For Beginners and Advanced: A Complete Journey Into the Metaverse Virtual World (Web 3.0): Learn to Invest in NFT (Non-Fungible Token), Cryp

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Do all trends come and go? How about a trend that changes the world forever or creates a new world entirely?

Now, this is where the intrigue begins. There is so much going on in the world, some of which we cannot see with our eyes--only with a special headset or goggles. Call it magic, if you like.

The tech world is creating a trailblazer; that is what this noise is about. A world where the unseen, unheard of, and only thought-of is birthed. This is called "The Metaverse." Will the future be related to this new world? Are we being invaded? Better yet, are we the invasion?

"Metaverse For Beginners and Advanced" is a book where the author describes this subject in an easy, descriptive, and detailed manner.
The following areas are explained vividly for your utmost comprehension:

  • What Non-Fungible Tokens are, their role, and importance to the Metaverse
  • Understanding Metaverse Investment, simple steps in investing, and where to make your investments
  • Buying Land in Metaverse, the requirements, including different types of real estate
  • The Metaverse Cryptocurrency and the projects in its space
  • Web 3.0 and its uniqueness to the Metaverse
  • The challenges the Metaverse is faced with, how they are managed, and what it needs to function
  • Opportunities opened as a result of the Metaverse and how to invest in them
  • New jobs that will be created because of this technology, as well as the skills needed to be relevant
  • Major Metaverse Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects that are thriving
  • The relationship between cryptocurrency and the Metaverse
  • How cryptocurrency enhances the Metaverse
  • The administration of the Metaverse; Decentralization or Centralization?
  • What the future holds for Metaverse and if it has a future at all

The author will explore these and other interesting areas. If you thought the Sun and other planets, including the Earth we live in, is all there is to the universe, get set for an out-of-space experience--don't forget to put on your virtual reality headset!

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Darell Freeman