Ceh V12 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide with 750 Practice Test Questions

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cial study guide for the in-demand CEH certification, now with 750 Practice Test Questions

Information security and personal privacy remains a growing concern for businesses in every sector. And even as the number of certifications increases, the Certified Ethical Hacker, Version 12 (CEH v12) maintains its place as one of the most sought-after and in-demand credentials in the industry.

In CEH v12 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide with 750 Practice Test Questions, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the CEH certification requirements. Concise and easy-to-follow instructions are combined with intuitive organization that allows you to learn each exam objective in your own time and at your own pace. The Study Guide now contains more end of chapter review questions and more online practice tests. This combines the value from the previous two-book set including a practice test book into a more valuable Study Guide.

The book offers thorough and robust coverage of every relevant topic, as well as challenging chapter review questions, even more end of chapter review questions to validate your knowledge, and Exam Essentials, a key feature that identifies important areas for study. There are also twice as many online practice tests included. You'll learn about common attack practices, like reconnaissance and scanning, intrusion detection, DoS attacks, buffer overflows, wireless attacks, mobile attacks, Internet of Things vulnerabilities, and more. It also provides:

  • Practical, hands-on exercises that reinforce vital, real-world job skills and exam competencies
  • Essential guidance for a certification that meets the requirements of the Department of Defense 8570 Directive for Information Assurance positions
  • Complimentary access to the Sybex online learning center, complete with chapter review questions, full-length practice exams, hundreds of electronic flashcards, and a glossary of key terms

The CEH v12 Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide with 750 Practice Test Questions is your go-to official resource to prep for the challenging CEH v12 exam and a new career in information security and privacy.