Pro JavaScript

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Pro JavaScript provides programmers with a definitive guide to the language of the Web. Part 1 details core JavaScript programming with ECMAScript 5.1, especially its new functional and OOP features. Part 2 covers client-side JavaScript programming, including HTML5. There you will learn to script events, DOM, CSS, and HTTP in order build robust and engaging web applications. Part 3 concludes with an easy-to-use reference on the features covered earlier.

The emphasis in Part 1 and 2, which are written tutorial-style, is equally on JavaScript mastery and artistry. In this way you will learn to use this lightweight but highly expressive language to write elegant code. What you'll learnCreating values with expressions and operators

Controlling flow with statements

Manipulating text with regular expressions

Functional and OOP with ECMAScript 5

Scripting CSS and HTML

Interacting with visitors with DOM 0-3 events

Scripting HTTP with XMLHttpRequest or JSON-P

Canvas, geolocation, web workers, and other HTML 5 APIs

Firebug and other debuggers Who this book is for

JavaScript programmers, from beginner to advanced "