System-On-Chip Architectures and Implementations for Private-Key Data Encryption

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In System-on-Chip Architectures and Implementations for Private-Key Data Encryption, new generic silicon architectures for the DES and Rijndael symmetric key encryption algorithms are presented. The generic architectures can be utilised to rapidly and effortlessly generate system-on-chip cores, which support numerous application requirements, most importantly, different modes of operation and encryption and decryption capabilities. In addition, efficient silicon SHA-1, SHA-2 and HMAC hash algorithm architectures are described. A single-chip Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) architecture is also presented that comprises a generic Rijndael design and a highly efficient HMAC-SHA-1 implementation.

In the opinion of the authors, highly efficient hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms are provided in this book. However, these are not hard-fast solutions. The aim of the book is to provide an excellent guide to the design and development process involved in the translation from encryption algorithm to silicon chip implementation.