Mastering Salesforce Devops: A Practical Guide to Building Trust While Delivering Innovation

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s principles to Salesforce development. It fits together two major movements within the IT world: the movement to Software/Platform as a Service (SaaS/PaaS), and the DevOps movement. While SaaS and PaaS allow companies to invest in their core competencies rather than maintain their own infrastructure, the goal of DevOps is to optimize the process of delivering software innovation and value.

The release of Salesforce DX in late 2017 unlocks the possibility of a true DevOps workflow on Salesforce. But DevOps is new to the Salesforce world and there is not a widespread understanding of its goals and methods, and so adoption of Salesforce DX is still in the early stages.

Mastering Salesforce DevOps explains how to build a powerful and comprehensive DevOps workflow for Salesforce--allowing you to finally deploy the world's most innovative platform using the world's most effective and efficient techniques. It addresses theneed for a comprehensive guide to DevOps for Salesforce, allowing teams to bring proven practices from the IT world to resolve the hardest problems facing Salesforce developers today.

What You Will Learn

  • Improve company performance and software delivery performance using Salesforce DX
  • Translate DevOps concepts into the unique language and practices of Salesforce
  • Understand why and how you can implement Salesforce DX to achieve greater productivity and innovation
  • Enable continuous delivery on Salesforce
  • Build packages and architect code so it can be deployed easily
  • Allow admins to participate in what has traditionally been a developer workflow
  • Know the techniques for reducing the stress and risk of deployment
  • Apply the full range of automated tests that can be used on Salesforce

Who This Book Is for

Salesforce developers, release managers, and those managing Salesforce development teams who need a guide to DevOps, and DevOps specialists who need to apply familiar concepts to Salesforce