PHP 8 Objects, Patterns, and Practice: Mastering Oo Enhancements, Design Patterns, and Essential Development Tools

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5Part I. Objects.- 1. PHP: Design and Management.- 2. PHP and Objects.- 3. Object Basics.- 4. Advanced Features.- 5. Object Tools.- 6. Objects and Design.-
Part II. Patterns.- 7. What Are Design Patterns? Why Use Them?.- 8. Some Pattern Principles.- 9. Generating Objects.- 10. Patterns for Flexible Object Programming.- 11. Performing and Representing Tasks.- 12. Enterprise Patterns.- 13. Database Patterns.-
Part III. Practice.- 14. Good (and Bad) Practice.- 15. PHP Standards.- 16. PHP Using and Creating Components with Composer.- 17. Version Control with Git.- 18. Testing.- 19. Automated Build with Phing.- 20. Vagrant.- 21. Continuous Integration.- 22. Objects, Patterns, and Practice.- 23. App A: Bibliography.- 24. App B: A Simple Parser.