Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps with Vmware Horizon 8: An Advanced Guide to Delivering Virtual Desktops and Virtual Apps

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Chapter 1: What Are Remote Desktop Solutions?

Chapter 2: Getting Started with VMware Horizon

Chapter 3: Architecting Horizon for Deployment

Chapter 4: Installing and Configuring Your Horizon Environment

Chapter 5: Creating Virtual Desktop Images for Deployment

Chapter 6: Building and Configuring Desktop Pools

Chapter 7: Managing Horizon with Active Directory GPOs

Chapter 8: Horizon Computer GPOs Settings (split from chapter 7)

Chapter 9: Horizon User GPO Settings (split from chapter 7)

Chapter 10: Managing the End User Environments (former chapter 8)

Chapter 11: Horizon Apps (former chapter 9)

Chapter 12: Horizon Published Desktop (former chapter 10)

Chapter 13: Connecting End Users (former chapter 11)

Chapter 14: Horizon Enterprise Edition (former chapter 12)

Chapter 15: Upgrading Horizon (former chapter 13)

Chapter 16: Running Horizon in the Cloud (former chapter 14)

Chapter 17: Horizon Troubleshooting (former chapter 15)

Online Resource: Advanced Configuration and Management (former chapter 16)