Modern Data Engineering with Apache Spark: A Hands-On Guide for Building Mission-Critical Streaming Applications

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3​Part I. The Fundamentals of Data Engineering with Spark1. Introduction to Modern Data Engineering2. Getting Started with Apache Spark3. Working with Data4. Transforming Data with Spark SQL and the DataFrame API5. Bridging Spark SQL with JDBC6. Data Discovery and the Spark SQL Catalog7. Data Pipelines & Structured Spark Applications
Part II. The Streaming Pipeline Ecosystem8. Workflow Orchestration with Apache Airflow9. A Gentle Introduction to Stream Processing10. Patterns for Writing Structured Streaming Applications11. Apache Kafka & Spark Structured Streaming12. Analytical Processing & Insights
Part III. Advanced Techniques13. Advanced Analytics with Spark Stateful Structured Streaming14. Deploying Mission Critical Spark Applications on Spark Standalone15. Deploying Mission Critical Spark Applications on Kubernetes