Learning the Pandas Library: Python Tools for Data Munging, Analysis, and Visual

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Python is one of the top 3 tools that Data Scientists use. One of the tools in their arsenal is the Pandas library. This tool is popular because it gives you so much functionality out of the box. In addition, you can use all the power of Python to make the hard stuff easy

Learning the Pandas Library is designed to bring developers and aspiring data scientists who are anxious to learn Pandas up to speed quickly. It starts with the fundamentals of the data structures. Then, it covers the essential functionality. It includes many examples, graphics, code samples, and plots from real world examples.

The Content Covers:

  • Installation
  • Data Structures
  • Series CRUD
  • Series Indexing
  • Series Methods
  • Series Plotting
  • Series Examples
  • DataFrame Methods
  • DataFrame Statistics
  • Grouping, Pivoting, and Reshaping
  • Dealing with Missing Data
  • Joining DataFrames
  • DataFrame Examples
Preliminary Reviews

This is an excellent introduction benefitting from clear writing and simple examples. The pandas documentation itself is large and sometimes assumes too much knowledge, in my opinion. Learning the Pandas Library bridges this gap for new users and even for those with some pandas experience such as me.

-Garry C.

I have finished reading Learning the Pandas Library and I liked it... very useful and helpful tips even for people who use pandas regularly.

-Tom Z.

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