It Help Desk: Your Blueprint to Service Success, Mastering User Support & Troubleshooting Like a Genius

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8Your Complete Guide To The IT Help DeskYour Blueprint To Service Success, Mastering User Support & Troubleshooting Like A GeniusAre You Ready To Learn All About Working An IT Help Desk? If So You've Come To The Right Place...Here's A Preview Of What This Book Contains...
  • An Explanation Of What The IT Help Desk Actually Is
  • How To Improve Communication Skills Like A Pro
  • Handling Difficult Calls & Situations The Right Way (Must Read!)
  • Best Words & Best Practices For The IT Help Desk
  • The Six Step Problem Solving Model You NEED To Implement
  • Computer Troubleshooting From The Very Basics
  • No Video? Here's What To Do...
  • Troubleshooting No POST No Boot Issues
  • How To Troubleshoot A Freezing Computer Correctly
  • The Downlow On Disk Errors
  • Keyboard And Mouse Issues
  • Your Customer Support Tools
  • And Much, Much More!
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