The Computer Science Activity Book: 24 Pen-And-Paper Projects to Explore the Wonderful World of Coding (No Computer Required!)

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0A hands-on introduction to computer science concepts for non-technical readers. Activities include word searches, mazes, "Find the Bug " hunts, matching games, "Color by Boolean" (a twist on the classic Paint by Numbers), and more.

The Computer Science Activity Book is the perfect companion for curious youngsters -- or grown-ups who think they'll never understand some of the basics of how computers work. Work through this brief, coloring book-like collection of fun and innovative hands-on exercises and learn some basic programming concepts and computer terminology that form the foundation of a STEM education. You'll learn a bit about historical figures like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, and Alan Turing; how computers store data and run programs; and how the parts of a computer work together (like the hard drive, RAM, and CPU). Drawing a garden of flowers using for loops, create creatures with conditional statements, and just have a bit of fun.

No Starch Press