Microsoft 365 Excel: The Only App That Matters: Calculations, Analytics, Modeling, Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting for the New Era of Dynamic Da

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7This is a book about Microsoft 365 Excel, or Excel 365. With a new formula calculations engine and many new built-in functions, creating formula solutions and business models in Excel 365 is dramatically easier than at any time in the history of spreadsheets. In addition, with the new data tools like Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power BI, performing data analysis to make data driven decisions can be easily done on data with different structures, with different sources, and on small and big data alike. With this exciting new Excel 365 version, we will learn three types for formulas: Worksheet, M Code, and DAX, and we will learn three types of Reporting/Dashboarding tools: Standard PivotTables, Data Model PivotTables, and Power BI Visualizations. This means that the New Excel 365 is the only app that matters in our age of analytics and data driven decisions. Who is this book/class for? Everyone. The book starts at the beginning and moves to an advanced level by telling a logical story about how to use Excel to solve calculation-based problems and answer crucial questions.
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