Getting Started in the Information Technology Field: With or Without a Technical Degree

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8This book shows you how to break into the exciting field of information technology, and move ahead quickly to higher paying IT work -- with or without a technical degree. Learn about the career options available, and where you fit in. Find out the most direct way for you to secure great paying and satisfying IT work that makes the best use of your strengths. Any good book on breaking into this field must include the IT angle as well as the management and human resources angle on breaking into IT and moving ahead. This book covers both because I live and work in both worlds. Any decent training product must also show you how to make good money with or without a technical degree. I know how to do that because I'm living proof you don't need a technical degree to make great money in this field. I have done highly technical work in IT for years, but both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees are not in technical fields. And to top it off, the product must be completely based on what works and nothing more than that. I broke into this field 20 years ago with nothing more than an ability to tinker with computers, and a desire to learn more and succeed. You get battled-tested strategies for success in this field. Contents include: - Straightforward, honest advice from an experienced IT professional Shows you the most direct route to great paying, satisfying IT work - A scan of the major job areas of IT Learn about all the career options available - A career direction exercise to reveal your work interests and values See where you fit in, and plan what sort of organization to work for - Checklist with strategies and tips for an efficient job hunt Land a good job without wasting time - Checklist on how to prepare for a successful interview Secure job offers more quickly and reduce the stress of interviewing - A time-tested perspective on the killer skills that separate high performers from the mediocre Avoid getting stuck in low-level IT positions. Quickly move onward and upward. - Solid advice on building great relationships at work Enjoy work every day by creating a network of people that want to help you - Battle-tested strategies for dealing with difficult clients and customers Reduce the stress of handling demanding and frustrated customers - Advice on how to manage your boss (straight from a management and planning guy) Create a partnership with your boss - Killer strategies for increasing your pay and status in the profession Enjoy higher pay, higher status, as well as recognition and respect from management