The Colorful Guide to MacOS Monterey: A Guide to the 2021 MacOS Monterey Update (Version 12) with Full Color Graphics and Illustrations

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A Full Color Guide

MacOS is arguably the best operating system (and computer) around; it's creative, looks stunning, and it's really great at getting stuff done. But it's also feature packed and a little overwhelming if you've never used it.

It's not difficult to learn, but there is a small curve for many people. That's where this guide can help! If you want to understand how to use the most powerful features on MacOS, then this guide will walk you through it.

This guide (in full color!) is all about helping you learn all the tips and tricks to make your life easier! Don't worry! If you need the basics, it's going to have you covered as well! It will start with the basics, then go forward from there.

Inside you will learn about:

- What's new with iMac

- What's new to macOS Monterey

- How you do all those Windows "things" on a Mac

- Apple Services

- Using Siri

- Setting up Internet and Email

- Using Sidecar

- Using Control Center

- Downloading / Updating apps

- Organizing photos

- Using Safari and Tab Groups

- Protecting your privacy

- Managing your passwords

- Sending, replying, and pinning messages

- Multitasking

- Using Live text

- And much, much more!

Are you ready to start enjoying the new macOS? Then let's get started!

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