Technology Tips for Seniors

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6In your personal or professional lives you can't hide from technology...and you shouldn't want to. Technology can and should make life better, improve the way we practice law, and how we interact with one another. With a little time and effort, you can master (or at least harness) the power of technology. Jeffrey Allen and Ashley Hallene wrote Technology Tips for Seniors, Volume 2.0 to help you harness that power. This book propels readers beyond the boundaries of the last Technology Tips for Seniors book. It is designed to walk readers through technology tips for the office, the home, on the road and help you safely to maximize your time online. This volume even adds a chapter on the authors' favorite apps, a quick start guide for applications you may want to incorporate into your use of your tablets, phones and other smart devices. Every turn of the page presents a new tip, suggestion, or product to add to your technology tool kit. Volume 2.0 does not update or replace the authors' first Technology Tips For Seniors book. The authors create a brand-new collection of tips and suggestions that augments their first Technology Tips for Seniors book. You don't need to read the first one to understand the second; but if you do not have the first volume, you probably want to get it as the two together give you even more help and the tips in the first volume remain valuable today.
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