C#: 2 BOOKS IN 1 - The Ultimate Beginner's & Intermediate Guide to Learn C# Programming Step By Step

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Are you searching for a coding language that will work for you? Do you want to create your own website of desktop applications?

If so, C# is the right choice for you.

When it comes to programming and choosing a coding language there are so many on the market that the beginner is faced with a bewildering choice and it can appear that they all do much the same job. But if creating visually elegant and functional applications is what you want, then C# is the one for you.

Now, with C#: 2 books in 1 - The Ultimate Beginner's & Intermediate Guide to Learn C# Programming Step by Step, even a complete beginner can start to understand and develop programs and increase his knowledge with it through chapters on:

Book 1

- What C# is
- An overview of the features
- Program structure and basic syntax
- Working with variables
- The conditional statements
- C# methods
- 7 data types supported by C#
- Accurate use of operators and conditional statements
- Proper use of arrays, structures, and encapsulations
- And lots more...

Book 2

- How C# was conceived and where it came from
- C# interfaces and how to use them
- Advanced decision statements and flow control
- The different functions that are available
- An introduction to garbage collections
- Asynchronous programming and what it does
- And much more...

With the information contained in this book you could be on your way to learning how this guide can develop and expand on your programming knowledge and lead you to exciting new discoveries in this fascinating subject. This book will help you take the next step up from the basics of C# quickly and seamlessly.

Get a copy now and begin your journey to a better and simpler world of programming.

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