Podcast Planner: Daily Plan Your Podcasts Episodes Goals & Notes, Podcasting Journal, Keep Track, Writing & Planning Notebook, Ideas Ch

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This beautiful Podcast Planner is a perfect way to keep your podcast episodes organized. This will help in your business planning and management of your podcast content and agenda whether you record and post daily, weekly, or monthly. Each page includes space for:

  • Podcast Name & Episode # - Write the Name of your Podcast and the Episode number.
  • Recording Date, Broadcast Date, & Recording Location - Log the date and location details.
  • Host - Record the Host's name.
  • Guests - For writing any Guests you may have.
  • Main Feature - Write your Main Topic for the episode.
  • Running Order - Log any specifics for Time Stamp & Segment.
  • Music/ FX - Write which Music to play.
  • Contest - Record the Sponsor, Prize and the Winner.
  • Talking Points - Blank Lined Notes for writing any other important information you want to bring up and talk about.

Whether you are making a podcast for your class at school, post on social media, for fun or professionally as a career, this planner is a great tool to have. You can see your progress over time and watch your success grow. Simple and easy to use. Will make a great gift for anyone who has a podcast. Size is 8x10 inches, 110 pages, white paper, black ink, soft matte finish cover, paperback.

Amy Newton