Cybersecurity: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to learn the Realms of Cybersecurity from A-Z

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9There is no shortage of books on cyber security. They have been flooding the online markets and book stores for years. Each book claims to have touched upon all the topics pertaining to cybersecurity. They make tall claims that their book is the best and the only one that has the keys to the treasures of knowledge on cyber security, but, to tell the truth, they literally fail to impress well-trained readers who expect more. Many cram their book with redundant topics and superficial things without quoting examples from real life. A good book should be packed with different issues related to cyber security, the countermeasures that must be practical, and some real life examples, such as incidents that made the world news.This book is different from other books on cyber security because of the fact that it has been written in a coherent form and it contains the topics that must be included in the skillset of a cybersecurity expert. I did my level best to make this book a coherent whole so that nothing crucial to this topic remained out of bounds. Let's take a look at an overview of what this book covers up. What Is Cybersecurity?Protection of Smartphones and Web DevicesSocial MediaEmail Networks and Electronic DocumentsEmergence of CybersecurityDark WebMotivations Behind a Cyber attackWhat Is Social Engineering and How It Works?Cyber Terrorism and How to Deal with ItCyber Espionage Cyber Warfare and How to Defend Against ItAn Overview of Ethical HackingThe Internet of Things and Their VulnerabilityVulnerabilities in Critical InfrastructuresEconomic Impact of Cyber SecuritySolutions to the Problems of CybersecurityFuture Trends in Cyber Security
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