Analytics of Life: Making Sense of Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

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0Analytics of Life provides the reader with a broad overview of the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence. It provides the layperson an understanding of the various stages of artificial intelligence, the risks and powerful benefits. And it provides a way to look at big data and machine learning that enables us to make the most of this exciting new realm of technology in our day-to-day jobs and our small businesses.

Questions you can find answers* What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
* What is the difference between AI, machine learning and data analytics?
* Which jobs AI will replace, which jobs are safe from data analytics revolution?
* Why data analytics is the best career move?
* How can I apply data analytics in my job or small business?

Who is this book for?
* Managers and business professionals
* Marketers, product managers, and business strategists
* Entrepreneurs, founders and startups team members
* Consultants, advisors and educators
* Almost anybody who has an interest in the future

According to an article by Cade Metz in The New York Times, "Researchers say computer systems are learning from lots and lots of digitized books and news articles that could bake old attitudes into new technology."

Oxford University professor Nick Bostrom argues that if machine brains surpassed human brains in general intelligence, then this new superintelligence could become extremely powerful - possibly beyond our control.

MIT professor Max Tegmark describes and illuminates the recent, ground-breaking advances in Artificial Intelligence and how it might overtake human intelligence.

As Oxford University economist Daniel Susskind points out, technological progress could bring about unprecedented prosperity, solving one of humanity's oldest problems: how to make sure that everyone has enough to live on.

Distinguished AI researcher and professor of computer science at UC Berkeley, Russell Stuart suggests that we can rebuild AI on a new foundation, according to which machines are designed to be inherently uncertain about the human preferences they are required to satisfy.

Industry experts claim that AI will have a negative impact on blue-collar jobs, but Mert predicts that Americans and Europeans will experience a strong impact on white-collar jobs as well. And Mert also provides research results and a clear description of which jobs will be affected and how soon, which jobs could be enhanced with AI. Analytics of Life also provides solutions and insight into some of the most profound changes to come in human history.

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