IPHONE 8/8 plus USER GUIDE FOR SENIORS: Updated iPhone 8 manual for beginners and seniors

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7This is the one-stop guide for SENIORS, we mean new users of the iPhone 8/8 plus. With several updated iPhone tricks at your disposal you can be sure to become an iOS pro in less than one hour. Yes, one hour. Haven sold hundreds of copies, with an average 4.5 star review, on other sales platforms; you can be sure to get value for money spent.

As a hint, some of the things to learn include:

-How To Secure Your iPhone With Face ID
-Setting up Face ID
-Using the Face ID
-How To Charge iPhone Wirelessly.
-Tips and tricks for the iPhone 8 plus
-How To Set Up And Use Apple Pay
-Tips for using iOS 12 effectively
-How To Use Siri On Your Iphone
-How to invoke Siri
-How to type and ask Siri
-Tips To Ensure That Siri Serves You Well
-How To Maintain Your iPhone
-Prolonging Your iPhones Battery Life.

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Stephen Rock has been a certified apps developer and tech researcher for more than 12 years. Some of his 'how to' guides have appeared in a handful of international journals and tech blogs. He simply loves rabbits.

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