WTF Is My Password: Internet Web and Online Website Username and Password Logbook Organizer with up to 440 Unique Entries

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9WTF Is My Password

We are pleased to present this brand new snarky and fun internet log book to help you log and record the endless amounts of unique internet user. Check out some of the features and hope you enjoy this lined journal:

  1. 110 Pages.
  2. Up to 440 unique entries.
  3. 6x9 Small size to easily transport from home to work.
  4. Each entry allows an area to list the name of the entry, website, username, password, 2 ares for hints and additional notes specific to that entry..
  5. Ideal purpose is to store usernames and passwords in a safe place.
  6. Can also be used simply to store favorite or commonly visited websites.

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