Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

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92021 Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

This book is designed to be easy to read and understand although the topic itself is complicated. Algorithms are the procedures that software programs use to manipulate data structures. Besides clear and simple example programs, the author includes a workshop as a small demonstration program executable on a integrated development environment .Take your first step towards a career in software development with this Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy in Python, one of the most in-demand programming language.

Computers store and process data with an extra ordinary speed and accuracy. So it is highly essential that the data is stored efficiently and can be accessed fast. Also the processing of data should happen in the smallest possible time but without losing the accuracy.

Data structures deal with how the data is organized and held in the memory when a program processes it. It is important to note that the data that is stored in the disk as part of persistent storage (like relational tables) are not referred as data structure here.

An Algorithm is step by step set of instruction to process the data for a specific purpose. So an algorithm utilizes various data structures in a logical way to solve a specific computing problem.

In this book we will cover these two fundamental concepts of computer science using the Python programming language.

Whats Inside:
-Environment Setup
-Sorting techniques
-Searching Methods
-Binary Tree
-Algorithms Designs
-Much, Much, More!

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