Password Book with Alphabet Tabs: 5x8 Internet Website Address Book And Password Keeper Logbook

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4Password Book with Alphabet Tabs - 5x8 Internet Website Address Book And Password Keeper in One Easy & Organized

You've already known that login/passwords are really important today, But we recommend that store your passwords in at least two places at different locations. This solves what is called a "single point of failure" if something goes wrong with the first place you always have the second as backup. For example, you can use a password manager software to save the passwords on your computer and also write them down in the password logbook as a backup.

This is a Password Book with Alphabet Tabs that contains plenty room for you to record all important information e.g. website address, email, username, password, software license, computer information, network information and notes. There are an alphabetical tabs on every website address page for easy discovered and organized, so you can find your each login information quickly & easily.

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  • Book size: Perfectly sized at 5" x 8"
  • Number of pages: 112 pages
  • Cover: Premium matte soft cover
  • Paper & Ink: Black ink and 55# (90 GSM) quality white paper, perfect binding
  • Layout:
    • 3 blank website login information sets per page
    • 4 pages for each letter
    • Alphabetical tabs on every website login page
  • Additional Interior:
    • Software Information - Keep track software license
    • Computer Information
    • Network Information
    • Notes

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