Aws: AMAZON WEB SERVICES: The Complete Guide From Beginners For Amazon Web Services

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Have you heard about Amazon Web Services - AWS?

If you have, that's nice, but if you haven't, I'll tell you.

Amazon Web Services is known to be a subsidiary under Amazon which has so far provided individuals, companies or even governments with platforms for on-demand cloud computing on a metered pay as you go basis. In total, these services about cloud computing provide some sort of primitive technical infrastructure that are technical and also distributed computing building blocks as well as tools.

Now, if you have really chosen to learn about Amazon Web Services, you're definitely going to be needing this particular book.

I have taken time to explicitly open the grey areas of AWS in this book, ranging from cloud computing, understanding the business philosophy behind Amazon, the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Services of the platform, application integration, among others.

These are the benefits you stand to gain by reading through this book. This book has everything you need to know about Amazon Web Services for you to advance from beginners to advanced level for AWS.

Basically, you need not look anywhere else as this book has systematically done justice to Amazon Web Services. Enjoy

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