Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Beginner to Pro Guide

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You've just purchased your Echo Dot 3rd Generation from Amazon, and you are wondering: How do I make the most of this device?
Worry no more because, in this guide, you will learn the various tips and hacks that will enable you to make the most of your Echo device.
In this book you will learn how to:
- Train Alexa to Recognize Your Voice
- Set Up Recognized Voices
- Delete Your Alexa Voice Profile
- Sync your Calendar with Alexa
- Build your skills with Alexa Blueprints
- Stream Audio from Music Services
- Stream Playlist with Alexa Voice Command
- Stream Music with Bluetooth
- Set Up IFTTT
- Use Pre-Built Applets for IFTTT
- Create New IFTTT
- Set Up and Receive Weather Report
- Set Up and Get Traffic Reports
- Set Up and Control Smart Thermostats
This book is your number one easy to read guide and manual for your Echo Dot device.
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