Python: 2 Books in 1: The Crash Course for Beginners to Learn Python Programming, Data Science and Machine Learning + Practica

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1Python programming is one of the most popular programming languages today, which means you made the right choice in picking this book to learn the basics.
Python is a simplistic language, however, without something to guide you through the fundamental concepts of programming, you can easily learn everything the wrong way and someday anger all of your programmer friends.
With the help of Learn Python Programming, you took the very first step in exploring programming in general, as well as the capabilities of Python. You learned a great deal so far, however, keep in mind that reading this book is not enough.
Hopefully, you wrote your own code while following these guidelines because practice is key. You don't need any kind of special talent to become a programmer or even a data scientist.
All you need to do is understand the theory and then put it in application. If you can't grasp it at first, break it down and study it line by line.
In this book, you will learn all the core concepts, one step at a time and this is the same approach you should take when practicing.

Continue learning new operations you can perform on the various data types and data structures you used so far, and then work to get used to relying more and more on object-oriented programming techniques.
Use this knowledge to pursue machine learning projects, create robots, or build the next big web application that will take over the world. Squeeze the knowledge out of Python and apply it in the real world

- This guide will focus on the following:

-Installing python
-Data structures and the A* algorithm
-Functions in python
-Reading data in your script
-Manipulating data
-The basics of working with python
-Distributed systems & big data
-Numpy basics
-Python in the real world
-Exception handling
-Linear regression
-Data Structures
-The Files
-Types of Machine Learning
-Machine Learning Algorithms
-Neural Networks
-If, Then Statements.... AND MORE
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