Adventures Of Full Stack Software Development

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3Master the skills required to become a Full Stack Software Developer. In this book you will learn how to write a front-end single-page web application and write middle-tier object-orientated class components. To complete the full stack you will also learn how to design a back-end database and write applications that support database transactions and data integrity. Included in the book are the following topics: Microservices Architecture, Planning and Design; Message Queuing with RabbitMQ; Microsoft .NET Core Web API and asynchronous processing; JSON Web Token (JWT) security; Microsoft .NET Core Entity Framework; Atomic transactions and SQL-Server isolation levels; SOLID Design Principles; NoSQL databases and MongoDB; Developing a Single-Page Application (SPA) with ReactJS; The fundamentals of TypeScript; Developing a web user interface with Google's Material Design; Responsive web page design; Source code examples and sample applications available on GitHub;