Zoom Meetings: A Guide for the Non-Techie

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Whether you are looking to use Zoom to attend a work meeting, deliver a presentation online, lead a meeting or webinar, or join family and friends online, this book offers step by step illustrated instructions to help you learn the platform and enjoy using it.

Zoom Meetings - A Guide for the Non-Techie is designed for everyone, even the non-techie, to learn to use Zoom. Each section is illustrated with many screenshots to help you follow along at your own pace. It is like watching over the shoulder as an experienced Zoom user shows you the ropes.

Learn how to:

- Attend an online meeting

- Give an online presentation

- Set up a virtual meeting or webinar

- Work remotely with your team

- Network with people online

- Connect with friends and family online

- And more...

This easy to read guide is created for everyone, no matter what your level of experience with technology is. Once you master Zoom Meeting basics, you'll learn some of the ninja tips we share that will make you look comfortable and professional online. The book includes an Expert Tips section, as well as a Resource section.

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