Applied DAX with Power BI: From zero to hero with 15-minute lessons

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9Written by a Microsoft MVP, this book teaches you the practical skills to take the most of DAX from whatever angle you'd like to approach it. It's written for data analysts using Power BI or Power Pivot, BI developers targeting Analysis Services Tabular, and in general anyone who's interested in DAX. You'll learn DAX methodically with self-paced lessons that build upon your previous knowledge to introduce progressively more challenging concepts. Each lesson starts with providing the necessary theoretical background, followed by step-by-step exercises. Most lessons are five to six pages long, and it should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete the practices. Do one lesson per day and become a DAX expert in a month

The book page at https: // provides sample chapters, source code, and a discussion forum where the author welcomes your feedback and questions.


  • Create custom columns
  • Navigate relationships
  • Assemble dashboards with a few clicks
  • Aggregate and rank data
  • Implement grups and bins
  • Create calculated tables
  • Implicit and explicit measures
  • Work with user selection
  • Create variables
  • Overwrite filter context
  • Group data
  • Apply time intelligence
  • Create and test DAX queries
  • Implement query measures
  • Analyze query performance
  • Implement paginated reports
  • Recursive relationships
  • Many-to-many relationships
  • Virtual relationships
  • Different join types
  • Data security patterns

  • and much more ...