The Writer's Guide to Microsoft Word

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Take the guess work out of formatting by using the most widespread program available--Microsoft Word.

This step-by-step guide shows writers how to get the most out of Word, making sure they understand the program through images and how the different parts work together, and offers time-saving tips and tricks.

Looking to go traditional? This book breaks down the nitty gritty on formatting for submissions, what to include in cover letters, queries and more.

Going indie? No problem. Part three covers how to turn your standard Word document into a PDF ready for print and how to set it up for autoconverters like Draft2Digital, Amazon's KDP, and Smashwords.

A pro at Word but looking for a quick reference guide? This book's easy to follow layout, makes finding what you need a snap.

At the end of the day, this book guides you through the perils and pitfalls, and removes the mystery of a program everyone uses, but few master, to leave you with professional quality submissions and publications sure to wow your audience.

Kari Holloway