Fun Q: A Functional Introduction to Machine Learning in Q

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Bring the power of machine learning to the fastest time-series database. Fun Q uses the powerful q programming language to implement many of the most famous machine-learning algorithms. Using a meticulously factored machine-learning library, each algorithm is broken into its basic building blocks and then rebuilt from scratch. Famous machine-learning data sets are used to motivate each chapter as advanced q idioms are introduced. Whether you are a data scientist who is new to q or a kdb+ administrator who is new to machine learning, you'll have fun learning how machine-learning algorithms can be implemented in the concise vector-functional language q. With nothing but the q binary, you'll be able to download data sets, generate plots in the q terminal and get progress-bar-style feedback as model parameters iteratively improve. In addition to being a functional introduction to machine learning algorithms in q, it is designed to be a fun introduction as well!

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