Computer Science in K-12: An A-To-Z Handbook on Teaching Programming

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Coding teaches our students the essence of logical thinking and problem solving while also preparing them for a world in which computing is becoming increasingly pervasive. While there's excitement and enthusiasm about programming becoming an intrinsic part of K-12 curricula the world over, there's also growing anxiety about preparing teachers to teach effectively at all grade levels. This book is an essential, enduring, practical guide for every K-12 teacher anywhere who is either teaching or planning to teach computer science and programming at any grade level. To this end, readers will discover:

  • ❖ An A-to-Z organization that affords comprehensive insight into teaching introductory programming.
  • ❖ 26 chapters that cover foundational concepts, practices and well-researched pedagogies related to teaching introductory programming as an integral part of K-12 computer science. Cumulatively these chapters address the two salient building blocks of effective teaching of introductory programming-what content to teach (concepts and practices) and how to teach (pedagogy).
  • ❖ Concrete ideas and rich grade-appropriate examples inspired by practice and research for classroom use.
  • ❖ Perspectives and experiences shared by educators and scholars who are actively practicing and/or examining the teaching of computer science and programming in K-12 classrooms.