Happiness is an Option: Thriving (Instead of Surviving) In the Era of the Internet

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You can have more joy, less fear, and a brighter future in the era of the internet.

In Happiness is an Option, you will learn four simple shifts that will allow you to thrive in these chaotic times, and better yet, why now is the time to usher in a new era!

The division and outrage that grips society needs to yield to something that has served us since humans first walked the earth: discovery.

We can rediscover what we all have in common and recognize how our differences can actually serve us. We can change the negative dialogue about the world around us, and with that, what's possible in our future.

Through remarkable life experiences, Dr. Lynda has learned how we can see ourselves, not as the victims of the internet's chaos but as the solution, if we understand one fundamental secret of the web.

Dr. Lynda inspires us with stories from an enormous wave of goodness and progress well underway in a world that few people know about. It's a discovery she calls the Conspiracy of Goodness(TM).

With four simple shifts-learned after decades of working alongside thought leaders and innovators who are changing the world-you can start seeing the other side of the story, the one left untold on social media and the 24-hour news cycle.

It's still an amazing world.

The tools in this book will help you move from a world of division to one of discovery, and show you how we can use our differences in remarkable ways to change the future.

Happiness is an option. We can thrive (instead of just survive) in the era of the internet, if we know a few of its secrets.

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