Cwdp-304: Certified Wireless Design Professional

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This book is a study guide for the CWDP-304 exam and a reference guide to help you master 802.11 wireless network design. With this book, you will be well-prepared for both the exam and real-life design projects. The Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) has the knowledge and skillset required to manage the entire WLAN design life cycle: defining, designing, deploying, and diagnosing. Tasks within these stages include gathering necessary information and requirements, creating a design, implementing the network, and validating and optimizing to ensure objectives are met. The CWDP Study and Reference Guide includes:

- Full coverage of exam CWDP-304 objectives so that you can study and be prepared on exam day.

- Callout notes covering important topics related to the exam and real-world situations.

- Diagrams and graphics to help you understand complex processes.

- Chapter review questions to ensure you're learning the materials as you use the book.

- Extensive footnotes providing additional information and references.

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