THEC64 MicroComputer User Manual

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Outstanding color . . . sound synthesis . . . graphics . . . computing capabilities . . . the synergistic marriage of state-of-the-art technologies. These features make the C64 the most advanced personal computer in its class.

First written in 1982, those words from the back of the original User Manual enticed the owner to begin exploring the possibilities of friendly home computing for the first time, using their C64 computer.

Fast forward to the 21st Century. This THEC64 User Manual is for owners of the full-size THEC64, to help them understand the functions available through the various menus and screens. Learn how to access the pre-installed games, discover how to configure and load other programs and fully realise the potential of the C64 and VIC 20 computer models on offer.

With THEC64 User Manual by their side, THEC64 owners can relive their childhood or discover the joys of the C64 or VIC 20 for the first time!

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