VIC 20 Exposed

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First published in 1983, this user-friendly guide to the VIC 20 helped many owners of the much-loved home computer understand their machine to a whole new level. Considered now to have been well ahead of its time, the VIC 20 was the first computer ever to sell one million units and still has a dedicated fanbase.

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As the original publisher Melbourne House wrote:

Now you can understand all the mysteries of your VIC 20, without having to struggle through its complex user's guide. VIC 20 Exposed gives an in-depth explanation of the entire VIC 20 system in a clear and easy to follow manner. With this book, every VIC 20 owner will be able to understand how this versatile home computer actually works.

Every function and programming variable is carefully explained, and with the aid of the many demonstration programs, this book will teach you how to take full advantage of all the VIC 20's impressive capabilities. You'll soon be achieving effects more spectacular than you believed possible from a standard VIC 20.

VIC 20 Exposed even contains a special section that gives an excellent insight into every aspect of the VIC 20's hardware operation. Because this book is designed to take you through the VIC 20's entire operation from beginning to end, VIC 20 Exposed is an essential aid to every VIC 20 owner, from first time computer users right up to the serious programmer.

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