C++17 In Detail: Learn the Exciting Features of The New C++ Standard!

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C++17 is a major update to the language and brings many exciting additions and improvements that will change your pre for the better. This book shows you all of the significant changes in the new Standard.

I spent hundreds of hours investigating how the new features work to ensure this book is helpful and practical. It will not only save you time but will guide you through lots of nuances of the language and the Standard Library.

Among the dozens of C++17's enhancements described in the book, you will learn about the following:

  • Class Template Argument Deduction
  • Structured Bindings
  • Fold Expressions
  • Inline Variables
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Polymorphic Allocator
  • std:: any
  • std:: byte
  • std:: filesystem
  • std:: from_chars
  • std:: optional
  • std:: string_view
  • std:: variant
  • nodiscard]]
  • if constexpr

If you have experience with C++11/14 and you want to advance to the latest C++ Standard, then pick up the book and start reading.

"If you've ever asked 'what's in C++17 and what does it mean for me and my pre?' - and I hope you have - then this book is for you."
Herb Sutter

The book is also available as ebook @Leanpub: https: //leanpub.com/cpp17indetail

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